30-year Master Plan for Loreto Normanhurst

In 2017, the school commenced development of the Loreto Normanhurst Master Plan 2017-2047.   The Master Plan for the school is exciting and robust and leaves all areas of the 121-year-old site reviewed and improved in some way over the next 30 years until 2047. With a 30-year plan like the one we have developed, submission to the State Planning Authority of the NSW State Government was required. The school has lodged the Master Plan and now we enter into the work of planning for the first stage which includes a new Boarding School and an Early Learning Centre.

The boarders currently reside in the 1897 building and surrounds which are beautiful however, as with any heritage area, presents challenges when certain upgrades and refurbishments may be required. The Master Plan involves relocation of our boarders to a new proposed building. This, in turn, will mean that the senior school will have additional large areas that will become modern learning spaces, a food hub, a wellbeing centre and large open garden areas that will not only contribute to daily feelings of wellness, but will ensure learning can take place effectively inside and out. 

An Early Learning Centre for Loreto Normanhurst provides many benefits for our school community. Firstly, it will allow us to offer our award-winning learning model to young students (which is going back to our traditional roots as the school accepted students as young as four when it began in 1897). Secondly, an ELC also retains our incredible staff, many who have, and will have, young children who need good care in the ELC space. In addition, the ELC will be a separate business for the school which will create revenue that the school can use for further projects. Mother Gonzaga Barry herself was entrepreneurial for her schools, looking for new business lines to assist each school to survive and to thrive. We continue that legacy today at Loreto Normanhurst by opening an ELC.

This is an exciting time for the school where a beautiful plan for its future, in keeping with our tradition and values, has been prepared.   The school intends to create a microsite that will update the community on the progression of the Master Plan as it unfolds.