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Teresa Ball Primary Centre

Loreto Normanhurst has been providing a high quality education for girls since 1897, which has included both primary and secondary education as well as  boarding. 

In the 1980s, in cooperation with the Diocese of Broken Bay, the Loreto Normanhurst Primary School was closed to accommodate a proposal at the time for the establishment of a Normanhurst Parish School.  The school was not established and Loreto Normanhurst missed having a Primary School as part of its community. 

It had long been our hope at Loreto Normanhurst to reopen the primary school   and in 2015, we were overjoyed to celebrate the reopening of the Loreto Normanhurst Primary School, now called the Teresa Ball Primary Centre, for girls in Years 5-6.  

The Teresa Ball Primary Centre is a nurturing place with strong pastoral care and supportive learning structures. It provides a safe and supported learning experience where students are engaged in an exciting learning journey with their primary teacher. Working in collaborative classroom spaces and using innovative learning technologies, provides young girls with an experience to allow for a smooth transition into high school. 

Loreto Normanhurst has much joy  in having younger students on our grounds, learning from and being inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the students in our Primary Centre.

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Go and set the world on fire with the love of God.
– Mother Teresa Ball IBVM