Music Festival 2018

This year’s Music Festival at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour was superb. The evening was a celebration of the musical talents and expertise of every student. Rehearsal schedules, the fine tuning of repertoires and the seeking of advice and listening to one another resulted in each student having the opportunity to fulfil her personal potential in an atmosphere of care and respect for one another.

The quality of all performances was outstanding. The ensembles and orchestra were very polished and amazingly large in numbers, which is a testament to the excellent music program we have at Loreto Normanhurst. The individual performances, combined acts and various choirs were equally outstanding and showed the depth of musical talent in the school. The choir competition says so much about Loreto Normanhurst – the student leadership and teamwork shown on the night and throughout the term, the love of music and the energy behind its thorough preparation, and the joy and exuberance of its delivery.

Congratulations to the winners on the night and thank you to all the community for their attendance and support.

2018 winners:

Best Choir: Barry House

Spirit Cup: Mulhall House