Class of 1957 & 1959

Loreto Ladies in Mudgee 

“A group of us who live near one another in the Mudgee area often meet up.

In October last year, Margaret Charlesworth (O’Keefe, ’57) decided to invite some of the Class of ’57 from Sydney as well. All met at her home in Mudgee and then we visited the local Mens’ Shed and were very impressed.

Afterwards we visited Margaret’s daughter (Rachel Flynn, nee Charlesworth ‘85) whose thriving business involves her artwork transformed through cards, calendars, china and tea towels. This was followed by a delicious lunch in a lovely courtyard coffee shop.

In the afternoon we travelled to Gulgong and visited the newly opened Holtermann Museum. We were lucky to have Alan Walker, himself a talented photographer, to guide us around this amazing museum and explain to the process of taking these photos in the 1870s. It took six years for volunteers and the support of the locals to rescue two heritage buildings and develop this world-class museum which features mind-boggling photos from the Holtermann collection of Gulgong from the gold rush period. 

Some of us then went home and some returned back to Mudgee for a dinner at a local hotel. A full weekend was enjoyed by all after having a wonderful time thanks to Margaret’s organisation and hospitality.”


Merilyn Burch Carney
on behalf of the Class of ’57 & ’59

Class of 1969 – 50 Year Reunion

“Our much anticipated 50 year class reunion luncheon was held on 10th August 2019 at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel Cello Room.

Was it really 50 years since we had watched Man walk on the Moon, completed our HSC, said farewell to the nuns and our schoolfriends and walked out the front gates into a brave new world.? Was it really 10 years since a number of us had seen each other?

We had a good roll call of 51 attendees and 20 apologies.  Our Guest of Honour was Sr Deirdre Browne IBVM who had taught so many of us music during our years at School.  Sr Deirdre lead us in a rousing rendition of “Queen of Loreto” accompanied on the piano by Genie King (Curtin).

Loreto friendships were renewed and there was certainly a real sense of genuine support and interest in each classmate.  We remembered those of our classmates who had sadly died and we celebrated those who had attended this reunion. Lots of laughs with those who had brought their old school ties, badges, merit cards, chapel veils, sports awards and broad blues.   Memories of our school days were happy ones and shared laughter was evident throughout the day.

The Class of 1969 will always be proud Loreto girls ready to make a change in our world, and now we are Golden Jubilarians!”


Mrs Patsy Shannon
on Behalf of the Class of ‘69

Class of 1979 – 40 Year Reunion


“37 members of the Class of 1979 celebrated their 40th reunion with lunch at the Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo on Saturday 2nd November.

We talked about the drought and dust storms that are having such a dreadful effect then cheered on Sunday when we heard that farms in Brewarrina had received 100mls of rain overnight!

 A big shout out to the 19 women who came from far flung places such as Emerald and Yepoon in Queensland (Suzie Duff and Jacquie Brasil Birch); Switzerland (Bernadette Fitzpatrick); Tasmania (Catherine Fitzpatrick); the ACT (Margie Hannigan, Jennifer Gallagher and Karen Duggan McKerrow); Moree (Teresa Madden Munro); and Brewarrina (Molly Hagarty Glover). 

It was wonderful to catch up with old friends!”


Kate Halley (O’Malley)
on behalf of the Class of 1979

Class of 1981 – 39 Year Reunion

A wonderful time  in July was had by those who managed to brave the weather to attend a fun gathering at The Three Weeds Hotel in Rozelle.

Class of 1984 – 35 Year Reunion

“The Class of 1984 had their 35th school reunion lunch gathering on Saturday 14th September at the Belvedere Hotel Rooftop Bar in Sydney. The venue was perfect as it had an outside terrace and was on the public transport routes. The staff were all very helpful too. It was a smaller group than the 30th reunion but numbers were quite in line with the 35th year – 35 old girls attended for 35 years! The room was decorated in the school yellow and blue. There were a mix of day girls and boarders, some of whom had travelled from Singapore, Moree, Dubbo and Forbes. The afternoon provided a wonderful catch up for old friends to gather news on the past 5 years since the last reunion and to renew friendships and connections. The Loreto Spirit was certainly alive and well in the room with lucky door prizes and special word cards handed out to each girl. These words hope to inspire, remind and motivate actions towards the next 5 years and perhaps stories of how these words were embedded into lives will be shared at the Class of 1984, 40th reunion. Stay tuned…”

Alex Carew
on behalf of the Class of ’84

Class of 1989 – 30 Year Reunion

“On the weekend of 25th May at the Southern Highlands Winery – the Class of ’89 gathered for a weekend of wine, food and retail therapy in the Southern Highlands. We had a brilliant time and absolutely loved catching up. I think we are special group who genuinely love and wish the best for each other.”


Sophie Desprez & Sim Madigan
on behalf of the Class of 1989

Class of 1999 – 20 Year Reunion

“The Class of 1999 gathered at the Clock Hotel, Surry Hills on 24 August. Although it had been 20 years since we have left the Loreto gate but the reunion made it feel like yesterday. While all of us have filled this time with exciting experiences; it was relieving to find many of this group have not changed one bit! All through the afternoon and long into the night, the room was filled with the buzz of endless chatter, laughing and the occasional, ‘I remember that too’ – as we reminisced fondly about our school years. Teachers’ names were remembered, lines from music festival songs sung and words like ‘Barry Wing’, ‘Year 8 Corridor’, ‘Spirit Cup’ and ‘Donut Day’ were dropped into dialogue with no explanation needed. We had many ladies who travelled from rural destinations, interstate and even one attendee from Hong Kong. It was a delightful day and thank you to all those who joined us. “


Hayley Smith
on behalf of the Class of 1999

Class of 2014 – 5 Year Reunion

“Over 80 girls from the class of 2014 celebrated our 5 year reunion starting with a long lunch at the Paddo Inn. Clare Azzopardi and Lauren Choy ran through Loreto trivia and the fun continued into the evening with many stories and laughs shared. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this such a wonderful event! We look forward to seeing you all and those that couldn’t make it next time.”


Annalise Kay & Brittany Gilchriston behalf of the Class of 2014

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