Loreto Day 2020

Every year, our Year 11 students work tirelessly to facilitate the celebration of community that is Loreto Day, and to raise awareness and funds for a chosen cause, which this year was, ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans). 

This year, Loreto Day was reimagined to still provide a wonderful community day raising awareness for ACRATH. Activities   included  an online raffle and auction, Loreto Day badges and Showbags, fun and games on the oval and a Zoom Assembly presentation which featured guest speaker, Felicity Gerry QC, a legal expert with successful submissions to Governments leading to changes in the law on modern slavery.

Year 11 must be commended for accepting the challenge of creating an experience of Loreto Day that has had to be different to what we’ve experienced every other year before, and to also remain true to our responsibility to search for truth, to seek it and to understand it, within this really important cause that they’ve discerned for this year – the cause to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

The work of ACRATH 

ACRATH works to:

  1. Eliminate Human Trafficking in Sexual Exploitation and in Forced Labour
  2. Eliminate Forced Marriage
  3. Ensure people who have been trafficked have access to their rights
  4. Promote slavery-free supply chains

How do they do this:

  • Raise awareness leading to action
  • Action regionally and nationally
  • Work for systemic change, locally & globally
  • Advocate with government
  • Collaborate with counter trafficking networks

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