Year 11 Pilot Mentor Program

We’re very pleased to announce the imminent launch of our Year 11 Pilot Mentor Program.

As part of the school’s Career Advice program, thirty Year 11 students identified career pathways that they were interested in and were then matched with a member of our alumni community working within that field. The aim of the Mentor Program is to provide senior students with support and insight into various industries as they begin to consider life beyond the school gates. Research has proven the positive impact that hands-on experience and knowledge of a career path has on an individual’s future.

Thank you to those alumni who are volunteering their time as part of this new initiative. The participating students stand to gain much from your experience and expertise!

If you wish to be considered as an Alumni Mentor in future years, you may like to add your occupation to your Alumni Details by filling out this form on our website.

We also invite you to join our Loreto Normanhurst Alumni Group on LinkedIn, a wonderful professional community of ex-students who have followed a diverse range of career paths.

For more updates on what is happening in the school community, please follow Loreto Normanhurst’s activity on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. and follow the Loreto Normanhurst Alumni Facebook page.